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curriculum-1ACE provides a bible based, high-tech, individualized education through a learner centered view to graduating charactered, knowledgeable and skilled youth.
The educational concept of A.C.E. was built on five basic laws of learning:
a) Students must be at subject levels where they can perform.
A student is first given a diagnostic test which is used to determine their performance level as well as identify any learning gaps. These will be addressed through the appropriate PACEs (student oriented workbooks) before the student is permitted to move ahead to the next grade level.
b) Students must set reasonable goals.
This is achieved by supporting the student to set daily goals on their personal goal card and work through the day under supervision to achieve these targets.
c) Students must be controlled and motivated.
The student progresses through their daily goals adhering to specific learning center procedures. Both Supervisor and Monitor ensure that these procedures are followed for the progress of each student. Violation of these procedures would disrupt studies and affect academic achievement of the students. Procedures manuals are followed strictly.This therefore requires that a clear protocol be followed and a clear center of command in the learning center which is the Supervisor.

The student follows guided PACE procedures which must be followed to ensure that the student is learning at an appropriate rate even though it is an individualized system.
d) Learning must be measurable.
Supervisors will walk with the student through their pace work and ascertain when they are ready to sit for a written PACE Test which is administered by the Supervisor only. Mastery of content is required before the student is given the Test with an expectation of at least 88% before the next PACE is issued.
e) Learning must be rewarded.
Healthy competitive atmosphere is created when each student is rewarded on achieving their personal target and a minimum pass mark of 88%. Congratulation slips, merits, student progress charts, 1000 clubs chart are all visual encourager for the student to aim high. There are standard required wall charts which are mounted in each learning center.


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The Emerald International School began as a ministry under The Green Pastures Tabernacle Church on 7th May, 2007. The school moved to its present campus, off Ngong Road, a few meters from Lenana School next to AMREF/Mutuini Police Station, in September 2012.

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